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The only videos extant of professional exhibition shooting as it once existed feature Parsons and Toepperwein, the last of the great exhibition shooters for Winchester-Western. A video of San Antonio's own master gunman, Ad Toepperwein is a recent find.

Ad Toepperwein (left) and Herb Parsons
(circa 1957)

TOGETHER ON DVD . . . Three shooting legends of the 20th century . . . Herb Parsons and
Ad & Plinky Toepperwein

*$24.95 each, plus $3.50 (S&H)


This DVD is the only known record extant at this time of shooting great John Satterwhite’s entire exhibition. Filmed at Cody, Wyoming in 1998 by the Parsons for preservation in their personal archives, this is exciting footage of one of the world's finest modern day exhibition shooters and holder of six gold medals in world competition skeet shooting.

*$12.00 each + $3.50 (S&H)

John Satterwhite

Ed McGivern (left) and Herb Parsons
(Montana 1950)

Produced by Col. Rex Applegate, this remarkable 75 minute video features Herb Parsons; Bill Jordan, author of  “NO SECOND PLACE WINNER”; Ed McGivern, the legendary revolver shooter and author of  “FAST AND FANCY REVOLVER SHOOTING”; and Remington exhibition shooters Wilber Cox, Bill Adkins, Bill Johnson, Jack Chisnell, and Cliff Baldwin. A gem of a video for shooting enthusiasts and historians of exhibition shooting.
This DVD is available for       $29.95 each plus $3.50 (S&H).

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John Satterwhite


Winchester 73

An excellent movie staring Jimmy Stewart and Shelley Winters
circa 1950



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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then shooters should truly enjoy the 480 pages and 250 never-before-seen photos of history's greatest exhibition shooter, Herb Parsons. This book tells the complete story of this shooting legend--his shooting history, his struggles with management, and his personal life. The man behind the legend.

“Showman Shooter” -
The Life and Times of Herb Parsons

Extreme Marksmen - THE HISTORY CHANNEL

Sharpshooters” - THE HISTORY CHANNEL


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Dr. Charles Cox; Lynn Parsons; Chris Cox

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