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At long last a book chronicling the life and times of the late, great exhibition shooter, Herb Parsons. This is a must have for every person who shares a love for the world of hunting and the great outdoors. This book has 480 pages packed with more than 250 photographs, many of which have never been published. They tell the story of how a young boy grew up hunting among the hills and sage fields of beautiful Western Tennessee. You will discover who it was who caused the young Herb Parsons to set his sights on being an exhibition shooter as well as what separated him from all the other exhibition shooters of his day. You will enjoy a pictorial account of his days afield and on the trap and skeet range. He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jimmy Robinson, Nash Buckingham, and Jack O’Connor, world renowned outdoor writers. Discover how this humble man of integrity and skill rose to become the best exhibition shooter of them all. You’ll discover that Herb Parsons was not only a quick witted and talented exhibition shooter, but also a loving husband and father. You may recall a phrase coined by Parsons some fifty years ago which is as true today as it was then, “Hunt WITH your boy or girl and you’ll avoid the heartache of hunting FOR them.” He’s the kind of guy you’d want as a next door neighbor, a hunting partner, your best friend. If you love hunting and the shooting sports, then your library should not be without this book.


Lynn (right) and Jerry (left) Parsons signing books at the Tulsa Arms Show, April 5-6, 2008

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